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Welcome to Translate.One’s premier voiceover services, where we bring your content to life in over 100 languages! Whether it’s marketing campaigns, e-learning material, leadership videos or any video content, we can select the most suitable voices to guarantee your multilingual voiceover​ project will be a success!

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Video: An Essential Marketing Tool

More than 87% of all businesses use video as a marketing and communication tool and localization can increase search traffic by 47%, boost website visits by 70%, and increase conversion rates by 20%. Extend your reach and amplify messages by making your video available in multiple languages!

Professional Voiceover Talent for Every Occasion

Our voiceover talents specialize in online content, ads, training and e-learning materials, and they can skillfully convey your message to audiences both local and international, ensuring a seamless alignment with your specific voice, style, and tone preferences. We can select the appropriate voices for your project, or we can send you voice samples for you to choose from. Make your video content stand out across varied platforms and global audiences!

Our Solutions

  • Our Text-to-speech technology seamlessly adds voiceovers to your video content, offering a quick and cost-effective solution for localization. This basic solution is perfect when you want to localize a large volume of video content rapidly. However, it’s important to note that this method may have some quality tradeoffs, resulting in translations that might not be flawless. When superior quality is paramount, opting for voiceover (synthetic (AI) or human voiceover) is the recommended choice. Voiceover provides a more advanced and precise solution for achieving top-notch localization, ensuring a high-quality, professional outcome.

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  • This innovative offering involves crafting voiceover soundtracks from pre-translated SRTs using advanced synthetic AI-enhanced voices. These voices are seamlessly synchronized with subtitle time codes, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience for your audience. This cutting-edge solution not only accelerates the localization process but also provides a unique and tech-forward dimension to your multimedia content.

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  • In this service, our team of professional linguists meticulously localizes the original dialogue, ensuring cultural and linguistic accuracy. A skilled voice actor then brings your content to life by reading the translated script, resulting in a fully localized audio with precise translations. This process guarantees that your message is conveyed authentically, capturing the nuances and intent of the original content.

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Voiceover Localization Workflow

Here are the steps of a typical voiceover localization workflow.

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  • Audio Content Evaluation

    We carefully evaluate your audio or video content. We understand the context, identify speaker nuances, and acknowledge any specific requirements you may have. This initial step lays the foundation for a targeted and effective localization process.

  • Script Creation

    A source time-coded script is created based on the video file.

  • Professional Script Adaptation

    Our skilled linguists adapt the script to the target languages. We not only translate the dialogue but also ensure that cultural nuances and linguistic subtleties are preserved. Translations are usually not verbatim, but rather a summarized version of the content.

  • Voice Talent Selection

    We understand the significance of finding the right voice to convey your message authentically. Our extensive network of professional voice talents allows us to match your project with the ideal voice, ensuring a seamless blend of tone, style, and cultural relevance.

  • Recording and Production

    Equipped with a carefully crafted script and selected voice talent, we proceed to the recording phase. The state-of-the-art recording studios and skilled localization engineers involved in the process ensure the production of high-quality audio that aligns with your project's vision. This step encompasses attention to pronunciation, pacing, and emotional resonance.

  • Quality Assurance

    Every localized voiceover undergoes rigorous quality assurance checks. Our team meticulously reviews the recordings to ensure they meet our standards for accuracy, clarity, and cultural appropriateness.

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