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Let Technology Do the Heavy Lifting

Embrace the future with Translate.One's AI and machine translation solutions. Our technology enhances the translation process, improving efficiency without compromising on quality. By combining the best of human expertise with cutting-edge automation, we deliver translations that are not only accurate but also timely, allowing you to stay ahead in today's fast-paced global landscape.

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Our Service Levels Are Tailored to Suit Your Diverse Needs

AI & Machine Translation Service Levels

  • Raw Machine Translation

    Unlock the magic of instant language conversion with our raw machine translation solution. Perfect for quick and straightforward translations, this service provides rapid results without human editing. It is perfect if you just want to get a general gist of the information or when you have to navigate through heavy volumes of content.

  • Custom Machine Translation

    Make your translation experience uniquely yours with our customized machine translation solution. We train the machine translation engines with your content to enhance accuracy and quality. This personalized approach ensures your message resonates authentically, capturing your brand’s voice and nuances. This solution is recommended when you want to experience the benefits of machine translation without human editing, but also want to maintain the integrity of your content with a touch of personalization.

  • Light Post-Edited Machine Translation

    Strike the perfect balance between speed and precision with our light post-edited machine translation. Our language experts fine-tune the output to ensure clarity and coherence while keeping the process efficient. Light post-edited machine translation involves linguists only to a certain extent as they introduce the minimum number of corrections and only in cases where the translated text is not understandable. This solution is for lower-priority content where stylistic perfection is not a priority.

  • Full Post-Edited Machine Translation

    Elevate your content with our full post-edited machine translation. Our language specialists refine each translation meticulously, guaranteeing a polished and culturally sensitive final product. Choose this solution when you desire a final product equivalent to a human-only translation process.

The Benefits of Using Machine Translation Technology

  • Faster Turnaround Times

    Say goodbye to lengthy waiting periods for translations. Our AI-powered machine translation technology ensures rapid turnaround times, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and keep your projects on track.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    Our AI-driven approach offers budget-friendly alternatives without compromising on the excellence your brand demands.

  • Consistent Quality

    We deliver results that are not only fast but also consistently high in quality. Enjoy the assurance of a standardized message across diverse content, reinforcing your brand integrity on a global scale.

What Makes Our Services Stand Out

Why Us?

  • Efficiency Without Compromise

    We strategically deploy AI and machine translation for content types and language pairs where it achieves significant gains in both time and cost—all while ensuring the final output is fit for its purpose.

  • Transparent Collaboration

    Our commitment to transparency shines through every step of the process. AI-powered translation is implemented only with your approval, putting you in control and ensuring your expectations are met.

  • Integration with Language Assets

    Our AI-powered translation isn’t a standalone solution—it’s seamlessly combined with translation memories and other language assets, including terminology glossaries and quality assurance checklists. This synergy results in increased productivity and ensures consistently top-tier translation.

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