Turn Confusion into Communication

Navigating diverse communication scenarios requires a versatile interpretation solution. Whether you’re managing large conferences, business meetings, legal proceedings, medical appointments, live interactions, or phone calls, our interpreters are equipped to ensure smooth and effective communication in any setting.

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Our Interpretation Services Cover a Spectrum of Different Settings

  • Large Conferences: Addressing a vast audience? Our interpreters excel in providing real-time interpretation, ensuring everyone can fully engage in the conference discussions.

  • Business Meetings: From client meetings to company town halls, our team plays a crucial role, breaking down language barriers to foster smooth and effective communication.

  • Legal Proceedings: Legal nuances demand precision. We bring expertise to legal settings, facilitating accurate communication in courtroom proceedings and legal consultations.

  • Medical Appointments: Clear communication in healthcare is essential. Our interpreters ensure that both patients and healthcare professionals understand each other perfectly, promoting positive outcomes.

  • Live Interactions: From public speaking events to live interviews, our interpreters adapt to the dynamic nature of live interactions, providing real-time interpretation.

  • Phone Calls: Need quick language support over the phone? Translate.One offers over-the-phone interpretation services, making communication efficient and effective.

Our Interpretation Services

  • Consecutive Interpretation: Ideal for small meetings, interviews, or one-on-one interactions, our consecutive interpretation services ensure a smooth flow of communication with pauses for accurate translation.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: Perfect for large conferences and events, simultaneous interpretation provides real-time translation, allowing participants to understand the content without interruption.

  • Phone Interpretation: Access quick and efficient language support over the phone. Any language, any location, any time. Our communication system allows you to connect with a qualified interpreter within 30 seconds.

  • Video Interpretation: Connect with your clients and community through video remote interpreting solutions. Don’t miss out on the visual cues that add so much value to a conversation.

Not Sure Which Interpreting Service Aligns with Your Needs?

Our team of interpreting experts is here to help and recommend the optimal interpreting arrangement for your upcoming event.

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    Never miss a word

    We ensure all our telephone interpreters are properly screened, tested and trained in the best phone interpretation practices. They are excellent at providing context and can translate in a way that everyone can understand. Translate.One provides customizable real-time phone interpreter services in over 200 languages, whenever you need it.


    Capture body language and facial cues

    Video remote interpretation (VRI) enhances the translation process because interpreters can utilize both spoken and visual communication to avoid any potential miscommunication. They can pick up on body language, facial expressions, and other visual cues to guarantee the right context.
    Our innovative video interpretation service improves cost efficiency and enables your facility to communicate easily with employees, clients, patients, and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

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