Keeping Tabs on Translation.

To be relevant in the translation business, you have to stay current. These days, things are moving pretty fast.


Key Tips for a Successful Experience with Legal Interpretation

Foreign language interpretation is often a crucial part of legal matters - and one that many people don’t fully understand. We spoke with Emily Shearer, Director of Client Services at Trustpoint.One to learn more about what’s involved…

4 Questions Health Insurers Need to Ask of a Translation Service Provider

Translation is a key element in healthcare communication. Millions of Americans speak languages other than English at home. When it comes to managing their healthcare, having insurance materials in their native languages is especially valuable.…

Translations – Do It Yourself or Outsource?

Despite uncertainty in the global markets, many organizations are still experiencing significant international growth. This means localization is as important as ever, and companies need to have a translation process in place that is both…

Multilingual eDiscovery: 3 Steps to Successful Outcomes

Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, 21% of corporate counsel in a recent survey said they’d experienced an increase in cross-border litigation. Recent global events, ranging from Brexit to tariff fights, all but ensure this trend will…

Localization and the New Normal

Communication, compliance, and compassion during the pandemic Translation and localization are important aspects of modern business. In fact, they’re arguably the foundation of global industry, and yet even the largest, most culturally-diverse…

Tips to Fast-Track Your WordPress Website Translation

Subscribe Marketers have enough to do to manage their websites and campaigns in one language, let alone several. When it’s time to reach other audiences around the world, the effort can quickly become time-consuming and overwhelming. Website…

Why Machine Translation with Post-Editing Is the Future of Translations

Artificial intelligence is transforming machine translation (MT). Deep learning and neural networks have evolved into a new model – neural machine translation (NMT) – that has made MT faster and more sophisticated. But the future of…

7 Types of Content to Translate for Your Global Employees

Two-thirds of companies say it’s challenging to be sensitive and adjust to local culture and communication styles, especially across multiple geographies, according to Globalization Partners. They can simplify the process by working with…

6 Reasons to Translate Your Internal Corporate Communications

With operations spread across multiple countries and continents, it can be challenging for global companies to engage distant employees. Companies with a global workforce face many challenges when it comes to employee engagement. After all,…

Case Study: Localizing an HR Platform.

A Fortune 200 global manufacturer was transforming their Human Resources (HR) platform so that the workforce would be able to carry out activities previously handled by HR team members. The goal was to engage employees and their managers in…

Color Culture

Colors can have a huge impact on the success of any communication, but they can also have positive or negative connotations depending on where you live and the culture in which you have been raised. Below is a general list of colors…

Case Study: A Legal Translation Challenge

Solving a Law Firm’s Translation Challenge. An AMLAW 100 Firm approached Trustpoint with the need to translate 380,000 words from Spanish into English on a rush basis. The matter involved litigation related to a power company. All…


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In a global and fast-paced legal market, translations can play a critical role. When you need absolute precision, delivered accurately and on time, Trustpoint delivers.

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Our top priority is for your stakeholders to thoroughly understand your ethics and compliance material and prevent corruption and misconduct by educating your global workforce in their language.

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